Mark has taught CCW courses to thousands of students over the years as well as several intermediate and advanced courses.  Our focus is on the diagnostics and improvement of the shooting skill set through analysis and interaction with the student.  Having shot numerous styles of competition including multiple championship level Multi-Gun and 3Gun matches, Steel Challenge, Rimfire Challenge, Sporting Clays, USPSA, IDPA, Precision Rifle and Hunting, Mark brings a wealth of knowledge to bear in our courses.  Most importantly, we understand how to effectively transfer that knowledge to the students.  The courses below are the only packaged courses we currently offer, however, we are available for a variety of group courses on pistol, shotgun, carbine, hunting and precision rifle platforms.


We offer three 3Gun training modules:


The 6 hour Introduction is a nuts to bolts approach to help the new or average competitor understand and refine the four basic tenants of 3Gun.  Average skill level with the pistol must be proven prior to entry into this course.  We cover the basic rules and equipment as well as transitions and the fundamentals of the shotgun and rifle platforms.  The 4 hour shotgun course is an intensified course focusing on the multi-facted shotgun platform while the 4 hour rifle module covers the skillset of the carbine/rifle from 1 yard to 600 yards.  In most cases, we will continue to run some drills and such after the 6 or 4 hour timeframe, but trust us, the information you will recieve in these modules is vast and longer timeframes will reduce the effective learning and retention.


We also providea  shooting skills module directed at the rifle hunter.  Give us a call for options.


Training is available in Colorado, or at your suitable range.  Call us at 1-877-345-1663 to inquire about hosting training at your range.

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Certainly one of the most comprehensive and thourough CCW courses available anywhere!

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