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Lucas Oil Out-Door

 Lucas Oil has long been a leader in the motor-sports industry.  Lubrication is an important element for moving mechanical parts, firearms includes.  So, having a background in motor-sports, when I learned of the Lucas Outdoor line of products, I was intrigued.  Having been critical of many of the gun lubrication products on the market, I never found one worthy of a solid recommendation.  But I still got some Lucas products and tested them out.  They just flat work...better than the competition.


All Carbon Arms uppers are built and tested using Lucas oil products and are delivered with a bottle of the Extreme Duty Gun Oil.

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 Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil...for semi-auto firearms from .22s to FA and suppressed, superior protection and lubrication.

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 Package of Lucas Oil Outdoor Line Products for the active Competitor.

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 Lucas Oil Contact Cleaner leaves zero residue and is safe for metals and polymers.

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 Lucas Metal Polish, great for tumbling brass and polishing aluminum on loading ports.

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