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TWinS Shotgun Loading Systems

Carbon Arms TWinS products include multiple types of shotgun shell holders that allow the use of loading TWo in Shotgun at a time (or Quad).  These systems have been optimized for ergonomics, speed and reliability.  Our systems are optimized for speed, durability and adjustability.  The Carbon Arms systems have excellent retention with a smooth release!

The average shooter can learn the SSL product and cut their load times by 30% or more with 30 minutes of practice.  With a little more practice, you can reduce overall load times by 40 to 50%.  The backbone and pinwheel allow the SSL clips to be worn on the belt.  Select the SSL chest rig for a chest worn option.

The FSL (belt worn) takes a little more practice to master than the SSLs, however significantly less than the traditional strong and weak hand load 4 techniques.  The FSLs and Quad spaced SSLP products are the best options on the market for the new hot "Quad Load" which can be seen on our Youtube channel.

Here is an instructional video from Pro Staff shooter Janna Reeves.

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 The new Comp-Tac Push-Button Locking Mount.


The SSL Backbone for belt SSL clips.

$19.00 - $205.00

 Premium SSL Hardware Pak


The Pinwheel is a belt mounted shell holder assembly for TWinS or Quad loading of the shotgun.

$10.00 - $117.49

The SSXL is the larger version of the SSL clips.

$18.00 - $223.00

The Carbon Arms SSL Chest Rig allows the user to load shells from the chest into their shotgun at the fastest speed possible.

This item is out of stock

TWinS SSL system.  These single clips are used on the Molle Panels, Pinwheels and Backbones.  The 2 round clips are used to add capacity to the Pinwheels and Backbones and the 4 round with Molle mount are used to add to or build a chest worn system.

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