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The Shotgun Quad Load

Several months ago we put up the video of the Quad load on the YouTube channel.  We have predictably had a lot of interest and questions about the method.  While it is not hard, it does appear to have baffled some.  Once you have it, you kind of get the "Ah-Ha" moment.  Here is a breif pictorial primer that should help you get the steps down.  BUT, like everything else, please experiment, test and try new things and see where it takes you.  I have found the Winchester Super X shells have the best hull texture that lets me keep a grip using this method.

The FSL8 and FSL12 caddies are the preferred caddies for this loading technique.  About half of the FSL8s and FSL12s we have produced have gone to overseas customers who are shotgun focused.  The height and angle of the FSL as mounted on the belt, can be adjusted.  You should place the caddies in an orientation that feels the most natural for you with minimal wrist bend.

The first step is to hook your fingers with the tips in a straight line and contact the hull of the second row down in the caddie.  The thumb aligns over the primer of the top shell.  The bend in your arm should be at the shoulder and elbow, not the wrist.  We find that looking at the shells is very effective until you learn the index points on your hand where it contacts the various points of the caddie.



Next is the lift.  While this might seem simple, it is the point that is critical to having a smooth load or a bobble.  The thicker your fingers, the more precise you must be.  Regardless of whether you are lifting the top 4 or the bottom 4, the shells have to be slid up to the top of the caddie where the palm of the hand can contact the top shells free of the retainer.  The fingers are now rolling under the bottom set of shells inside the caddie so that they make contact with the top set of shells.  Slight inward pressure at the wrist lets the wrist roll in to keep the top back shell from jumping out of the grab.

Next is the grab.  The gap between the ring and pinky finger and the palm has to close sufficiently so that that top back shell stays in the grip.

     The top row goes into the shotgun first.

The hand rolls around so that the top back shell initiates the lifter. The hand is rolled over a little so that the plam traps the shell onto the lifter as the press is started.  The hand rotates slightly to clear the handguard and the thumb presses the two shells into the tube.







 From here on you are doing a simple thumb index on the primer and putting 2 shells into the tube just like a normal TWinS load.  Initiate lifter, trap shells with palm, press shells into tube with a petting motion.


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