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As compared to the "Feather" the Clark CF tube weighs about 50% more, and the JP/VTac slotted aluminum tubes weigh about 230% more! Drilling Carbon Fiber is NOT recommended as it requires special cutters and the particulates created by high speed cutters can be harmful.  All tubes can be ordered with 3 drilled holes at the distal end, at 0, 90, and 180 degrees.  The tubes are supplied with the required hardware and installation instructions.

There are very good reasons why our handguards are not "ventilated" or slotted.  While the heat build up in this new system is less than our previous version, we do also offer the heat shield kit.  Adding the heat shield to the handguard results in a handguard that remains cool even with the most happy of trigger fingers with negligible weight gain.


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The Feather series of Carbon fiber Handguards is the new standard in free float handguards for the AR-15 platform.

$190.00 - $264.00

The Feather series of Carbon fiber handguards is the new Standard in free float tubes for the AR-10!

$200.00 - $285.00

Like to shoot a lot of rounds fast?  Get a Carbon Arms Heat Shield Kit.