Carbon Feather Heat Shield kit

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The heat shield kit is high temperature heat tape (1200 degree rated) intended to be applied to the interior of the Carbon Fiber tube.  After full-auto 60 round mag dumps, the surface temperature of the Carbon Arms hanguards rise by only a few degrees with the heat sheild kit installed.  It adds less than an ounce to the handguard.  Can be used on other brands of free float tubes as well.


In our testing, we have found that radiation is the primary cause of heat build up in handguards, not convection.  As such, the "ventilation" holes actually only serve to reduce the radiation target area of the handguard to the barrel while reducing overall rigidity.  Monitoring barrel temperatures with ventilated and non-ventilated handguards reveals no significant change in barrel temperatures.  While the JPRifles heat sink is a good accessory to reduce barrel temperatures, it does not significantly reduce heat gain to the handguard.


To install the heat shield, clean the interior of the tube with a damp cloth and let dry. If necessary, trim the heat tape for length and cut or slit holes for stud mounts. Peel the backing from one strip and lay inside the tube. Use a 1” hard dowel and roll on the tape from the interior.  The three provided pieces do not need to touch or overlap at all.
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