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AR-15 Uppers and Parts

We pride ourselves on building rugged, reliable, accurate and light AR-15 uppers.  The receiver to barrel extension fit and a proper installation of the barrel nut are critical for accuracy, so that is how we build our uppers.  In calibers from .22LR, to .450 Bushmaster, we build them right.  Give us a call if you are interested in something different or unique.


We do offer LE/Mil a discount on uppers including re-builds.  We have seveeral of our uppers in use by SWAT and patrol officers custom configured to their requirements.  We can also provide LE/Mil uppers with Burris Optics packages as well.


Our uppers are provided with a bottle of Lucas Oil Extreme Duty Gun Oil and we recomend it use on all semi-auto firearms.

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Premium grade 16" Precision AR-15 upper.

Was: $825.00 - $1,315.00
Now: $700.00 - $1,190.00

Precision 18" upper designed for dynamic movement with total reliability.

$770.00 - $1,290.00

You've tried the rest? Now own the best!  Balanced, rugged and accurate is what Carbon Arms uppers are all about.


The Carbon Arms Gasblock for the AR-15 platform. 

Was: $60.00 - $80.00
Now: $50.00 - $70.00

 We call it the Gas Hog, you will just call it excellent.

Was: $140.00
Now: $120.00

 Carbon Arms mag wrap.  For PMag M3 only, made by Patriot Skinz.


 Forward assist port plug for the AR-15


 Ejection port cover assembly and FA port plug.

Was: $15.00
Now: $10.00

Quality 18" stainless barrel.

This item is out of stock

Top of the line upper receiver and barrel with some budget minded parts.

This item is out of stock
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